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Sunday, March 21

Wall Street by Storm 

My name is Edward storm and I have over 15 years of experience working as an executive recruiter AKA headhunter on Wall Street or I guess I should say within the Global Financial markets. My experience is primarily focused around the investment research industry. A place sell-side and buy-side Equity analysts into new positions in North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition to placing analysts, I also work with institutional research sales brokers, Equity Traders, investment bankers, expert Networks professionals, and executive management in all of these fields. Over the years I have seen Wall Street weather many storms, no pun intended LOL, but nothing shaking things up as much as covid has! Giving the small niche institutional research makes up, there have not been a large number of job cuts. In fact, the total number of individuals employed within investment research grew by 10% and Asia in 2020 it was basically flat in the United States and Europe. However, we saw an incredible job growth continue within the Expert Network industry and this has created a huge demand for experienced investment research professionals. There has never been greater demand for experienced research analysts. This is if someone had occurrence given the shake up within sell-side equity research due to MIFID and of course on-going "Chinese wall" legislation. The future for those with investment research experience is strong, but different. Due to the popularity and growth of the expert Network industry there is more emphasis put on conducting research via expert knowledge and less emphasis put on making recommendations on specific stocks in the traditional sell-side format. So, as a working member of the investment research industry, are you happy with these changes in the industry?